The Part-Timers

What is “The Part-Timers”? 

“The Part-Timers” is a character sketch show I thought up in 2007. Working full time can be unbearable for the average person, and the characters in “The Part-Timer” are anything but average. The 8 episodes of “Season Duh” will follow ridiculously lovable characters like Lenny the Gas Boy, Sacred Elvis, Dr. Frybread, and the Undead Powerwalker as they get rejected from the full time world and come to accept their place as “part-timers.” Expect cameos from soon-to-be-memed characters like Intermittent Lee, Finnegan the Dolphin Boy, The Old Bag Lady, and Dr. Confidence.  Some additional sketches that will be featured in the six webisodes of “Season Duh”:

  • “Kite Factor”: a pseudo-reality tv show about overyly competitive kite makers 
  • “The Rage of Tidy Whitey”: no description needed
  • “Webcam Guy”: when nudity is never quite why or how you want it but you have to make a living.
  • “Sasquatch Pointers”: helpful make-up tips from team Sasquatch